Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rest day dilemmas

As a general rule, I'm pretty into bouldering, but some days a body just needs a rest. So a rest day it is, and everything that includes. When Collin was here we were climbing every other day, one on, one off, so rest days were spent support each other in the forest. But now that he has returned to Colorado I'm reduced to entertaining myself.

Today, I have spent no time doing anything physical. I've sat in two different chairs, one couch, and many different spots outside, trying to poach internet. Terry put it pretty well this morning: sometimes it's nice to have four walls and a seat back, no matter how good the climbing is. Fact is, I feel pretty good physically, but I am bored out of my mind. 

It's so appealing to head into the forest and circuit on easy slabs, but given the amount of J-Tree climbing Salve I have applied today (both to my fingers and to my keyboard) I don't think it's a great idea to climb at all.

So, rest days include what? Lots of tumblr, sizeable amounts of facebook, more youtube than I care to mention, and a cursory attempt at self promotion. Seriously, I even updated my instagram. 

Enough of that.

This week in Squamish:
-Day flash of Black Slabbath(V7) by Chris Sinatra
-Impressive last-go-best-go effort on the same by Paul Nadler
-Amazing blackberry pie at the Savage-Hunter household
-Lizzy Asher killing it on everything all the time
-Sore abs and fatigued facial muscles from a mean laughing/smiling exercise routine
-My own 'and-you've-climbed-how-hard?' 'scents of Sesame Street(v9), Ramen Raw(v7), ATD(v7) and the Fuzz(v7)
-More 'and-you've-climbed-how-hard?' punts and failures on No Troublems(v9/10), Mr. Bigglesworth(v10), Big Chicken(v9/10), and a slew of others
-Fine weather, no rain, and few complaints about conditions

In summation:
"You invent nothing, you think you are inventing, you think you are escaping, and all you do is stammer out your lesson." -Samuel Beckett, Molloy

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  1. haha, glad to see you're finally using this thing.

    However posts don't count if there are no photos!!