Thursday, September 20, 2012

Best Day Yet: Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts

Days with Charlie the deaf dog:

Rest days spent in showers, near laundry, changing operating systems. It's roller derby recovery day, shins more sore than ever. Not chin hits like on top outs, but like shin hits on slabs. Supportive grrls everywhere, laughing at boulders, drooling on top out holds, ass rockets on roller skates and slam poems on repeat. Things are looking up in my little world.

It's a cold sun day. Began with Reckoning(V10) recon, then to Sir Le Twat (V12). Ended the day with some El Camino Madness (V8). Gibson on the stereo, and I'm spending the day trying to channel what ever it is she channels. First world genesis, can't stop thinking about those roaring kodiak bears we all live upon, it's the salmon coloured sunsets, you know.
Paul Nadler on Sir Le Twat (V12)

Working Frontside (V12) [thanks Collin]
Collin's Kitchen


I climb boulder problems with weird names so I will sound deep when I blog about them.

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