Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dangers of Transient Friends

It's about time to leave Squamish. It's hard to leave, and most of me doesn't want to. But the rain might be coming, and I want to go before I have to, so as to feel some fire to return.

What follows is something of a photo recap accented by little bits of thoughts that were slow enough to catch.
Selena on what is perhaps the best V2 in Squamish

Topher Sinatra looking relaxed on Frontside (V12)
Most nights here have that half-drunk feeling of deep-set fatigue, the kind that cradles you when you close your eyes.

Drifting away from Pemberton
Working out beta is like planting seeds in the holds and waiting for rain. Someday something might take root. The most efficient way to do a move neither declares, nor does it hide, rather it sets forth clues. But sometimes boulders are just done with bad beta and the group follows blindly- much like Pine Processionaries straddling a thread. This is both the struggle and the draw.

Paul and Terry skipping first base
"this is called being a professional"
Reckoning Stand (V10) (credit: Selena Wong)
For months, I huddled pathetically on some sunwarmed rock, and hoped that fall was just around the corner. Yesterday I was the vanguard, at the cutting edge of the season. I set out to climb and instead caught Fall. I have become sensitive to the changing seasons, and long wanted to be on the spot for the revolution, and raise a flag pole in the grass saying "here" and "now". 

Happiness is the most friends (credit: Selena Wong)
Unrealistic expectations with the Sea to Sky Sirens (credit: Selena Wong)

The edges of the days
This blog post heavily relied on this woman: Annie Dillard.

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