Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The last 6 places I've showered, ranked.

alix cleo roubaud
My last 6 shower experiences, ranked from best to worst.

Cousin's house, Oakland, CA
the good: Private bathroom. Actually kind of relaxing to take a shower. I'm borrowing a towel, full sized and everything. So that's awesome. And the bathroom is warm even after exiting the safety of the curtain.

the bad: Sometimes worried about using too much hot water. The bottom of the tub is super slick too,
kinda dangerous with shaky post workout legs.

Uncle's house, Portland, OR
the good: Good water pressure, shampoo, conditioner. I think the last person to use the shower was all into 'healthy hair' so I took advantage of that and tried all the shampoos.

the bad: Kind of afraid of breaking something or like clogging the drain. And their house had too many facets. It probably had 20 water dispensing devices. I was too bothered by this to throughly enjoy the shower experience.

Seattle Bouldering Project, Seattle, WA
the good: Just a shower, nothing special. Expect that I went in during the SBP comp after party, and was immediately handed a beer. The shower beer helped a lot. As did the whole after party experience.

the bad: I don't remember if there was any down side to this shower. But I think I was more into the experience surrounding the shower than the shower itself.

Planet Granite, Sunnyvale, CA
the good: This shower had curtains, too. And I remember to use the handicapped one, so that helped. And free shampoo and conditioner.

the bad: Nothing about this shower was awful, or fantastic. It was just a shower. Nothing special.

Curry Village, Yosemite Valley, CA
the good: it was hot, like really hot. didn't have to worry about running out of hot water either. Free, too.

the bad: public restroom, but there were curtains involved, so that helped. For some reason I never brought clean clothes to change into, so I felt that negated some of the shower cleanliness.

Cabin #3, Redwood Cabins, CA
the good: It had all the basic makings of a shower. Like water, and, um, a drain.

the bad: Probably one of the least fulfilling showers I have ever taken, except that I really needed it. More of a faucet than a shower, which kinda made sense, 'cause the sink didn't have much of a faucet.


  1. Please elaborate:

    Did you actually drink beer while in the shower?

    Are Curry Village showers free after a certain date? Now I feel like a chump paying $3 during the summer.

  2. I'm also confused about the shower beer. Did the water turn on and then immediately a butler appeared with a fresh beer? Or was someone just sitting inside the bathroom door dispensing beers?

    I might need to go to Seattle for my next shower.

  3. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with someone uninvited in my shower. Even if he/she was offering beer.

    Can you imagine walking into a shower, pulling back the curtain, and there was a bespectacled man standing there in a suit, handing you a beer?

  4. How many shampoos were there? By your statement there were at least 3?