Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thoughts Had While Updating Scorecard

Photo blatantly stolen from Kyle O'Meara

-Why don't I just keep up with this? Oh right, the website format sucks.

-Man, I hope Kyle O'Meara doesn't see this. Or this blog. Maybe Kyle O related guilt means I shouldn't do it? Whatever. I probably think too much.

-#2 female? That doesn't sound right. No one looks at that any way. It's not like Angie/AJ has a scorecard. What am I doing here any way?, making climbing even more masturbatory.

-2nd go. Should have flashed.

-I remember having so much fun writing comments for ascents. Something changed.

-Do people actually dislike 8a, or do they just love to hate it? These are the questions we need to ask. Hate-logging, is that a thing?

-This hoodie reeks. Time for laundry again.

-I wonder if there is a correlation between the amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I watch and the difficulty of boulders climbed. I'd like to see a graph.

-I wonder if Jens will put me on the home page for this.

-Somewhere I have a list of potential comments...

-I wonder if my finger still hurts?

-There are words in comments whose meanings I don't even remember. Is climbing destroying my ability to learn?

-All of that aside, I think I actually enjoy 8a. I keep coming back. I just wish Jens would make an iphone app.


  1. Flaaaaaann! It's ben. Try Mr Jamie Chong's excellent alternative, All of the narcissistic update joy, less of the annoying interface frustration. And pls don't delete me from your facebook. Ur updates make me giggle.

  2. here you go!