Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This post marks a change in the tone of this blog. All climbing related posts will be found here: This is now stream of consciousness, and any other implications are unintended.

Q: Where do otters live?
A: Otter space
    (This is, of course, and Anne Carson joke. I can take no credit)

Q: What do you call a cereal made of rodents?
A: Honey bunches of stoats

Q: What do you call a brave rodent?
A: stoatic 

Q: What do you call someone who is deathly afraid of rats?
A: IrRATional

Q: How far did the boat full of bad otters have to go to afraid the Coast Guard?
A: A nau-ottercal mile.
(This, also is not mine. Thank you, Peter Erard)

Q: What do you call a rebel rodent?
A: A con-ferret.
(Shannon, I believe this was yours...)

Q: What did people say about the ermine who was sailing around the world?
A: He's otter his mind!
Q: What was his response?
A: No way, it's stoatally awesome!
(Also Shannon's)

Bonus Jams!

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