Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The First 21 Pages in My Notebook, Itemized and with minimal commentary

1) Books I've read from 2-12-12 to 2-17-12
           (equal to four)
2) 20 Lines of Iambic Pentameter
           (Actual lines: 10)
3) List of unfinished books
4) List of attributed quotations
           (Instances of my own poorly written poetry: 1)
5) Culture for Pigeons
6) [redacted]
7) The Pros and Cons of Boise, Idaho
           (Mostly revolves around coffee)
8) A list of words I didn't know
           (Words I still don't know from said list: all of them)
9) Training ideas
           (Includes 15 separate campus exercises)
10) Blank
11) Blank
12) Blue prints for death trap campus board
           (Injuries incurred: 1)
13) Poorly written prose
           (Hand writing declines with increased alcohol consumption)
14) Says 'Art Deco' and 'Pretty fits an all', repeatedly.
15) "I hope somewhere some woman hears my music and it helps her through her day"
           (I do not make music)
16) List of tips for reading Latin
           (1. identify the verb)
17) Uncategorizable
           (Excerpt: "Riding some [redacted] big wheels through the Chelsea Hotel.)
18) "A game where you get to be a boulder"
19) "I've been jotting a lot: Last 5 headlines of journal entries."
20) High Fashion Hyperbole
           (Includes only doodles of eggplants and the words "Male Terror")
21) Poorly written poetry
           (Please note: written earnestly.)
           (Excerpt: I'll not be your new font)
22) More of the same, really.

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